Comprehensive Computing is founded on the principles of competence, integrity and trust.  We believe our relationships with our clients should be of an intimate, trusting nature.  Because your computer needs are defined by the general goals of your business, we strive to become part of your total business solution by sharing those goals with you.  We take the time to understand what makes your business successful, and we incorporate that knowledge into our service to you.

As for our credentials, we've been in the business since the early 1990's. During these years, there isn't much we haven't seen! We were there when the Internet took off, and we've been there as the face of modern computing has changed time and time again. We've got the experience you need.

Again, our number one goal is to make you a happy customer whether you own a business or are in need of personal computer service.  We work hard to build trust with our customers, and we've developed a reputation of integrity and character because of our fair pricing and honesty.  We honor the privilege of serving you.