All about shipping a laptop to Comprehensive Computing for repair...

  • While not mandatory, it's always good to call or email first if you can.  We can help you make sure you don't forget important details. This will also help minimize your turnaround time.
  • Include the power adapter (if you can) with your shipment as well as a piece of paper with your name, daytime phone number, return shipping address and email address.
  • Shipping is safe as long as you provide adequate protection inside the laptop's packaging like bubble wrap around the laptop and a couple of inches of foam around that. We will ship your laptop back to you in the packaging in which it was sent to us unless you wish to purchase a box from us.
  • We are not responsible for any damage during shipment.  If you adequately package your laptop, however, you won't have to worry about any damage while in transit.
  • You ship to us using your preferred method of delivery, however we ship back to you via FedEx Ground. Expedited shipping is available upon your request at an additional charge. Insurance is your responsibility.  We will automatically put $500 insurance on the package unless you request more insurance.
  • You don't pay until we call you and confirm that we can perform the requested repair.
  • We accept any major credit card over the phone or we can invoice via secure Paypal payments.  Most of our customers simply prefer to pay with a debit or credit card.
  • We don't charge extra for handling.  You pay what we pay for shipping back to you.
  • You'll always get fast, courteous and most importantly competent service!