Would your computer repair business be interested in offering professional laptop repair services to your customers?  You don't have to keep service technicians on staff for this, simply outsource your laptop repair jobs to us!  You will be partners with a staff of qualified, certified and talented technicians who will give you quick turnaround and competent repair service.   Your company will benefit because you only pay for each job performed, not employee down time.  You will also save on taxes and employee benefits with your decision to outsource laptop repairs to us.

We offer all repair services including laptop power jack repair, a highly specialized repair that is hard to find.  Best of all, we offer our repair services to many computer repair businesses -- both large and small -- from around the country at low prices designed to help them pass along a great value to their customers.  They basically get paid to package and ship laptops to us!   That's why we have so many happy and loyal business partners working with us!

To get your business started in this laptop repair outsourcing partnership, call Marcus Boyd at Comprehensive Computing in Richlands, VA at (276) 964-2500.