We replace broken and loose USB ports in laptop computers!  Many repair centers refuse to perform this repair due to the delicate parts and tedious nature of replacing the broken USB ports in your laptop.  We are happy to replace the USB ports in your laptop for a flat fee of $99 for the first port and $10 additional for each additional USB port you need replaced in your laptop.

We've earned a reputation as a leading national laptop repair center, as many individuals and businesses ship their laptops from all over the country to us to fix on a daily basis. We not only replace defective USB ports, but we replace DC power jacks and can perform any other repair you may need. Many repair shops now outsource their laptop repair jobs to us.  So, why should you ship your laptop to us?  Click here to find out or call us at (276) 964-2500 to ask us in person!

$99 to repair your broken laptop USB port? That's just another way we save you money at Comprehensive Computing in Richlands, VA!   

*Price excludes shipping costs.