data recovery

Hard drive data recovery is another of our specialties at Comprehensive Computing.  We offer a flat rate service designed with the consumer in mind.  Many companies charge hundreds of dollars to recover data from your hard disk drive.  Our price is $75 for data recovery from any IDE or SATA laptop or desktop hard drive!  It doesn't matter whether the drive is dead or damaged.  This price includes all the data we can recover from your hard drive.  If we can't recover any data, we don't charge a penny for the work!  We work on a 1 to 3 business day turnaround on all data recovery work.

Sending your hard drive to us for data recovery is simple.  You don't need to prepay or receive prior authorization for data recovery work.  Just include a note with your name and contact information with your well-packaged hard drive and ship it to:

Comprehensive Computing
attn: data recovery
3124 Cedar Valley Dr.
Richlands, VA  24641

If you have any questions about our hard drive data recovery service feel free to email us at or call 276-964-2500.