Repairs completed on or before May 31, 2008 were covered by a 30-day limited warranty, however effective June 1, 2008, Comprehensive Computing’s DC jack repair service is now covered under a limited lifetime warranty for a one-time replacement free of charge on these conditions:


  1. Laptops deemed to have previous repair attempts will not be covered by any warranty.
  2. Laptops with extensive damage to the motherboard may or may not be covered under warranty.
  3. Using an adapter with a non-matching adapter plug or use of a universal power adapter will void warranty.
  4. Opening the laptop's casing by anyone other than a representative of Comprehensive Computing or the manufacturer of the laptop will void warranty.
  5. Inadequate shipping materials provided by customer leading to damage during shipment will void warranty.
  6. Abuse of the laptop in any way will void warranty.
  7. Comprehensive Computing, Inc. will have sole discretion and final say in determining what constitutes a violation of these conditions.
  8. These terms are subject to change at any time without any notice.




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